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Carbon Credits Programme


“A society grows great when old men plant trees, whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

This year Funzi Furniture procured a parcel of 25 acres of land on the coast of Kenya for the purpose of reforestation and eco friendly development. We intend to plant indigenous hardwood trees to reclaim the land from limestone quarrying and uncontrolled commercial development.
We believe this to be in the future interests of all peoples of the world.

We have already acquired 200 seedlings of Bamba Kofi (an indigenous coastal hardwood) to commence the project.
These trees will not reach maturity for at least 50 years and will never be harvested for commecial gain.
Funzi Furniture have the financial resources to clear and plant the first five acres, we are now looking for companies or private individuals with a conscience and similar vision to support us with the rest.

We need approximately US$2000 per acre for this to succeed. In return you will receive a certificate indicating your support and a yearly report of our progress. The contribution is tax deductible in most European countries.

We also offer to those contributing an invitation to visit us with one weeks accommodation included for free in our own guest cottage. The cottage can be seen at


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