Tiwi Beach, Kenya, Africa is where Aussie Mike and Sabine have chosen
to literally carve out their own little piece of Paradise. One look at the
pictures below tells a story of adventure and living with style.

Page 1 Aussie Mike's African Home
Page 2 - The Funzi Furniture Factory

Page 3 - Mikes Work and Tips and Techniques
Page 4 - Mike and Sabine's Personal Paradise
Page 5 - Sabine's Work and Mike's New Project

It's easy to see from the two pictures above what a tough life Aussie Mike and Sabine lead on Tiwi Beach.
That's Mike atop Charlie on the left, and on the right is Sabine looking like she belongs on the cover of
Sports Illustrated.
Mike holds the world's record for the largest cobia caught on a spear - 101 lbs.
Anyone out there who thinks woodworkers are dull?
Mike describes his family below with particular reference to his Dad on the right.
"My family are all practical "Aussies". They can turn their hand to most things.
My father is 79 and still swims a kilometer every morning. He can play the
piano, clarinet, and he built his first house by himself, by hand!
Jack of all trades. Guess we are just environmentally adaptable people."
I'd say! So, again we prove that woodworking is in the genes.

Yes, folks, the picture on the left is a bit toothy, but Mike is friendly with the silverbacks. Mike was Australia's Most Eligible Bachelor in 1988. Below you can read how far he has traveled beyond that, as he tells us about life in Africa.

"I live in a part of Kenya which, unfortunately, suffered from tribal problems in 1997. As a result, my business suffered severly and many of our friends and neighbors left. I had been here for almost 30 years and had no intention of leaving.
I drove 20 kilometers into Mombasa and bought a book from a computer store. It was called 'Dummies Guide To The Internet'. I read the book and got a computer. Within 2 years, I had survived the slump in the local market and was receiving orders from overseas via my website. I am now head of my own company designing websites for local businessses, own a hundred domain names and my longtime friend Sabine is running Funzi Furniture with typical German efficiency. She has also developed her own line of designer furniture, most of which is under our Funzi line on our website.
We both take time off to pursue our other interests. We often take expeditions into the interior and have recently returned from taking an American film crew for an extended walk along the remote beaches of northern Tanzania with an army of local porters.
Other expeditions have been seven transits of the Sahara desert in an old army truck, a two week local canoe voyage around the entire island of Zanzibar, and a trail bike safari across the extinct volcano of Longonot in Northern Kenya.
I have also consulted on many films for Australian television including expeditions to the Mountain Gorillas of the Congo and a voyage up the Ituri river in the Congo with the Ituri Forest Pygmies, in the footsteps of Stanley.
My sport is spearfishing off the local coast where I hold the world record for the largest Cobia ever shot on spear at 101 lbs."

Mike's work truck and his exclusive mode of transportation around his domain.

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