There's always something new going on at Funzi Furniture Factory. In addition to
running the furniture factory now, Sabine has several other projects. Mike constantly
finds new projects to occupy his time. This page introduces you to their latest work.

Page 1 Aussie Mike's African Home
Page 2 - The Funzi Furniture Factory

Page 3 - Mikes Work and Tips and Techniques
Page 4 - Mike and Sabine's Personal Paradise
Page 5 - Sabine's Work and Mike's New Project

Since Sabine has taken over the overseeing of most of the Funzi Furniture Factory, not only do they produce the beauty that is the four poster bed, but they produce mosquito nets to protect the sleeper. Of course Africa is a perfect testing ground for the effectiveness of this product.
In addition, Sabine will tell you that Africa abounds in awesome colors and natural fabrics. She puts them to good use in the manufacture of cushions, mattresses and other home decor. In addition, Kikoys are the perfect apparel for comfort.

Below you see samples of Kitenge (and African form of cotton fabric) and Kikoys (a wrap for your head, your body or your baby).

There is quite a story surrounding Mike's latest project. It's a special bed that will no doubt weigh nearly a
ton when it is completed. This project was begun as the result of a contact from a man in Texas who told
Mike that he had broken three beds in the last seven years, including one made of iron. So, Mike, never
one to miss out on a challenge has begun to build the indestructible bed to take they guy through the end
of his days. You can watch this project as it is completed, from the unloading of the wood to the day by
day progress on Mike's website at this link .

If you would like to see more of the Funzi Furniture Factory and Mike and Sabine's work, just visit them
at If you would like to contact them directly, just use the feedback from on
the website.


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