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Lamu Doors, special doors......


Lamu door.Lamu doors have a history dating back a 1000 years.

They are traditionally very large and heavy and in Lamu and Zanzibar common in most homes, even of the poor.

At Funzi Furniture we can make Lamu doors or any other doors for that matter to any size you require and from any wood available from our huge stock. Seen here Sabine in front of a door we installed in a Kenya house.

Zanzibar door.If you are planning to build a home and wish something very special in the way of doors give us a call and we will give you a quote.

The famous Zanzibar door.From 3 meters by 3 meters down to smaller interior doors. We can make them all. We can even arrange for the brass fittings that accompany all Lamu doors

Carved Lamu door.Many of our staff were initially trained in Lamu in the construction of these doors.

Carved Lamu door complete. We have shipped these doors worldwide. Call us now.

Funzi Furniture From the biggest to the smallest.

Funzi FurnitureClose up showing brass hinge, also handmade.


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